2018 & Beyond.

2017 was an interesting year for me and most definitely for Blackgirlsblush.com. The blog following grew, I gained loads of new content creator friends and along the way I also found great bloggers around the globe. I did a lot of new things and worked outside of my comfort zone. I went to a number of blogging events, like#BlogConLDN and #BeautyCon where I met one of my … Continue reading 2018 & Beyond.

BGB: Are you in Championship Mode?

Sometimes life does get difficult, sometimes you never really see a light at the end of the tunnel. We all get moments like these and it takes someone mentioning something or talking to you. For me it was quotes and self-help books, but in my search for motivational content online, I came across Trent Shelton. I didn’t know him as that to start off with, he … Continue reading BGB: Are you in Championship Mode?