BGB: Out of Africa

So I recently attended the Out of Africa Ball in November, a fundraising event for the Creating Better Futures charity. Creating Better Futures are a Christian-led charity, based in Reading, devoted to helping children and their guardians in the Domboshowa and Mutare regions of Zimbabwe. The charity’s mission is to empower orphans and vulnerable children in Africa through access to education, enabling them to lift themselves … Continue reading BGB: Out of Africa

African Fashion Week London

Hello to one and all…. So here’s a treat for you all… I had the fabulous opportunity to have one of my avid readers review her African Fashion Week London experience. I had every intention of going to this, but unfortunately things didn’t work out as planned. African Fashion Week is an fashion extravaganza that takes place not only in London, but also in Nigeria, New York, … Continue reading African Fashion Week London

Day 5: Scenic Sundays…

The weather was my biggest inspiration today… It was absolutely glorious, so I spent took a walk in my little picturesque town after church to take in the scenery. Something about sunshine that gives you a great appreciation for your environment. You start looking at things with greater detail too. I spent my day feeding ducks  and walking the dogs, which turned out to be … Continue reading Day 5: Scenic Sundays…

Style Staples: The Statement Necklace

Doesn’t matter what season you’re in there is always a need to dress up! I find that over the years, I have a very simple and classic style and my way of dressing things up and taking it to the next level is through jewellery. For a girl who loves wearing longer hairstyles, and having voluptuous curls, the best way to showcase my style is … Continue reading Style Staples: The Statement Necklace