Beautycon Haul

So #Beautycon came and went and I didn’t even get to share what I picked up whilst at Beautycon! So as promised and a little later, here are the little bits and bobs that I purchased whilst I was there.

From a shopping perspective, there were tonnes of new products and brands that I had not heard of and as is the way, I was really habitual! I stuck to what I knew because I wasn’t too sure what would and wouldn’t work for me.

I stopped by a number of familiar stands like MDMflow, Nyx, the MasqueBar and Pixi and here are the items I purchased.



I have tried a number of Pixi products in the past, but never found ones that I was really loyal to or couldn’t live without. My friend Lissa from Thelissaway decided to stop by to buy a few items and I took the plunge and opted to try their eye pencils.


I bought the Mini Endless Silky Eye Pen Trio by Petra which comes with 3 eye pencils inRoseGlow (gold), BronzeBeam (bronze) and BlackNoir (black) as pictured above. ‘BronzeBeam’ and ‘RoseGlow’. I even scored a free full size Endless Silky Pen in Black Noir as part of the Pixi stand giveaway.


Here are the eye pencil swatches shown here in order : Bronze Beam, Black Noir, Rose Glow and the full size version of the Black Noir pencil. These eye pencils are extremely pigment and have a lot of colour payoff. They glide on the skin effortless and give a soft and smooth finish. You definitely won’t have to go over and over to get a smooth finish with any eye look you do. I highly recommend these 🙂

The Masque Bar

Next up I hit up the The Masque Bar and made some glorious finds! As a major fan of all things masky, I found that there was just too much choice to choose from. I did end up purchasing more than the ones pictured, but most of these were gifts for friends and family too. I picked up the Kale Cream mask which is incredibly moisturising especially in this dry cold English months that do nothing for your skin! I also got an Anti-Blemish mud mask, which has been working an absolute treat for me too (definitely worth a repurchase 🙂


A very sweet and short post for you this Friday, but here you go. Have you tried any of these products at all before? Please let me know what new items you’ve added to your collection or if you have been to Beautycon before too? I’d love to hear about your Beautycon experiences too!

Until my next post…

Stay blushing!



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