BGB: Out of Africa

So I recently attended the Out of Africa Ball in November, a fundraising event for the Creating Better Futures charity. Creating Better Futures are a Christian-led charity, based in Reading, devoted to helping children and their guardians in the Domboshowa and Mutare regions of Zimbabwe.

The charity’s mission is to empower orphans and vulnerable children in Africa through access to education, enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty. This struck an chord in my heart to be able to give back and help raise money for children in my country.

24129492_1641116819282145_3029261167811514161_nWhen I came across this event, I had to say yes not only because it was a brilliant cause, but I got to spend time with my sister too. The event was jam packed with unique evening of live African entertainment courtesy of Flame Lily, a three course meal with complimentary drinks, and a charity auction with luxury prizes up for grabs.

Hearing about the struggles that these young orphans was moving and for me, a call to action. The charity’s CEO, Dorothy Dix gave a speech during the night and spoke about her recent trip back to Zimbabwe and the challenges that the children she saw were facing.


One of her recollections from her trip was a sad story of young girl.  Her father left home leaving her mother to take care of her 3 children alone. Their mother sadly passed away and having discovered this, at the tender age of 6 she carried her siblings to her grandmother’s house several kilometres away to find help.


She spoke about how much of a difference the charity was making, but a greater need for them to do more. The work they do back home means that they are lifeline for many, but are faced with the heart wrenching problem of turning away those are that are in desperate need for help.

The Charity Ball Experience:

The event itself was a fabulous affair and a celebration of all things African. The food offering was brilliant with special vegan options just for me too. Here are some pictures from the event that I wanted to share.

My goal in the new year is to be more involved in charitable causes and help make a difference to people’s lives. I will keep you posted on my activities in the new year.

I’m still recovering from my knee injury, but wanted to find ways to get involved. If you have any really good fundraising ideas or causes that are close to you, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d be really grateful to hear from you all about what other ways I can get involved and fundraise in the community.

Until my next post…

Stay blushing!



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