Beauty: Amby Rose Cosmetics

Anyone who loves makeup and wants it to look good, will definitely understand the importance of a good brush and how vital it is in making your makeup look flawless.

The quest for a good brush is always a labour of love, but fear not, for I have found the ultimate solution from Amby Rose Cosmetics.

Amby Rose Cosmetics is a black-owned makeup brand founded by a successful business woman, makeup artist and content creator Chanel Boateng.IMG_7695.JPGI have followed her for several years now and the launch of her brand was a very exciting prospect. I finally had the chance to purchase her Original Dozen Collection brushes and I have to say the wait was worth it.


Amby Rose Cosmetics don’t only do brushes they also sell eyelashes and lip products as part of their growing product line. You will certainly not be disappointed by those either, so please feel free to check them out too.

So there’s my review of some absolutely amazing brushes and a must have set to add to any true makeup enthusiast’s makeup bag.


The brush set includes 12 brushes each with a dedicated makeup function to really upscale your makeup game from just alright to flawless. There are 4 main face brushes and 8 eye brushes:

Face Brushes:


The Round Buffer brush: This can be used to apply mineral, liquid or powder products. It’s an extremely dense brush so it will pick up a lot of product allowing you to really spread your foundation either mineral, liquid or powder to give you that flawless finish.

The Tapered Blending brush: This brush I have found to be really good at getting to the niggly areas. I normally use it for blending my concealer as it often needs me to blend around my nose so it’s perfect for that. With a precision tip, it definitely work well for contour and highlighting giving you the perfect brush to ensure you cover all areas necessary.

The Angled Kabuki brush: Can be used for mineral/ powder bronzer or cream products.( I used this brush to contour and apply blush, the shape allows for you to place product just where you want it and buff products on to your skin for pure perfection.

The Flat Buffer brush:  You can use this brush for all types of products as it is multi-functional. I personally love using it for foundation and I feel that the flat brush surface allows me to get a even product distribution and equally buff the product on seamlessly.  It reminds me of the the Elf Buffer Brush or the Real Techniques equivalent which I have sworn by for the longest time.

The Eye Brushes:


The Flat Blending brush: This brush is perfect to pack on eyeshadow especially on the lid as it is wide enough pick up product and blend it. The bristles are extremely soft and this allows you to blend in your eyeshadow with incredible ease.

The Flat Definer brush:If you love a cut crease, this is the brush for you. It’s the ideal solution for getting to the more difficult areas of your eye and gives you that definition that a cut crease desperately needs.

The Liner brush:  This is a versatile brush not just for eyes as it can also be used for lips. This brush is perfect for detailed eye designs or lip lining as well, so essentially its a 2-in1 product.

The Medium Angled brush: Can be used for sculpting eyebrows, eye liner application, blending out/ soften lines. (I use to fill in my eyebrows, blend out concealer around my eyebrows, the bristles are soft but firm enough to fill brows in.

The Medium Concealer brush: Perfect for that concealer application especially in the smaller or more intricate areas of your face that require some precision. This will be ideal for eyebrow or undereye highlight too.

The Tapered Blending brush: This brush is for that Blend Blend Blend motion and will have you transitioning between eyeshadows colours in flawless fashion.

Tapered pencil brush:  If you need definition for things like cut creases or that tear duct or lining your waterline or smudging out your eye colour around your waterline, well this is the ideal brush for your needs. I found this to work perfectly when trying to create bolder and more defined makeup looks.

All in all, these brushes are a top contender in my books and come in at £49.99. They are exquisitely made and do not shed in my experience so far. The soft bristles will have you feeling like all your past brush purchases have been mistakes. I think I found the one ha ha! All joking aside, these brushes are excellent and I highly recommend you get yours.

Amby Rose often have deals going on, so it’s always worthwhile keeping an eye out for sales as well if you want to get this set at a bargain bottom price.

If you have tried out some of these brushes too, please let me know in the comments section. I’d really love to hear from you.

Until my next post…

Stay blushing!



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