A Daredevil Disaster…

So I know it has been a while since I last posted anything on Blackgirlsblush, but life has been a little hectic of late. I have been hiding something from you all for a while now and here is my secret.

When I started this year, I wanted to be fitter, healthier and happier. So I decided to get back into running and exercise to kick-start my goals. About 5 months ago, I made the decision to go a trampoline fitness class. I had been dying to go for about a year, but I finally made the decision to take the plunge and just go for it. All this in aid of being adventurous and #livingmybestlife. Trampoline parks are a massive craze at the moment with loads of these venues popping in major towns across the country. As of March this year, there are 144 trampoline parks in the United Kingdom.

Jump! Why you visit a trampoline park at your peril


So I signed up and decided to go with my sister who normally attends this fitness class. Part of the sign up process is the all important waiver which means that you effectively accept full responsibility for any injuries you may incur during your class. I signed on the dotted line and got some free funky socks and I was ready for this magical experience.


I was jumping away and had that wonderful feeling of accomplishment but that experience did not last very long.  As the fitness instructor was going through the steps and asking us to jump from left to right, I heard a crackle and pop sound and fell on the trampoline in excruciating pain. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t put any weight on my foot.  I had to be carried across the trampoline section and sit on the sidelines whilst everyone  else finished their class. The staff were really helpful and gave me an ice pack to try to help reduce the swelling on my knee.


I casually thought that I could just rest and be able to get up after sitting through the remainder of the session. Sadly that wasn’t the case I ended up going to A& E and had to be on crutches and no weight-bearing for another 2 more months before my actual diagnosis.  So what I thought was just a sprain was later confirmed as a complete tear of my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), a partial tear of my Medial Cruciate Ligament (MCL) and parts of my meniscus. A serious injury with a very long recovery period.

Doctors say children should be BANNED from playing on trampolines


So it’s officially out of the bag, that’s my secret everyone. I just wanted to highlight the danger of trampoline parks and the need for a greater awareness of these so-called cheap thrills. Whilst the trampoline park companies do their best to inform their customers, there genuinely is always that “it will never happen to me” mentality amongst all of us. It did happen to me and I was one of those people.

FLIPPING DANGEROUS A shattered spine, fractured skull, iron rod in leg, broken ankles, dislocated foot, black eyes – why are trampoline parks jumping in popularity?

There are growing numbers of these injuries and most hospital A&E departments are inundated with trampoline related injuries.

Thirteen ambulance trusts across the UK confirmed that, between April 2015 and April 2016, 30 parks required 315 ambulance call outs.The figures showed:

  • Flip Out Stoke had the highest rate of call outs amongst the trusts
  • Paramedics attended 17 times in 109 days – once every six days – following its opening in December 2015
  • Oxygen Freejumping in Southampton, which had 200,000 jumpers in the last year, has the next highest callout rate: 13 call outs in 114 days – one every 9 days
  • Air Hop in Guildford, which has about 300,000 jumpers annually, had 39 call outs – an average of one every nine days (assuming it was open for 365 days)                    BBC News

Some medical staff have called for an all out ban of trampoline parks themselves due to potentially life threatening or changing injuries. Most children have their birthday parties at these venues and little is actually being done about the safety measures at these venues. Is the waiver you sign really enough?  Just to put this in perspective,I have dotted a few articles throughout this post to give you insight on just how dangerous this seemingly simple and innocent pasttime can be.

Trampoline parks ‘need more safety measures’

So it’s been 5 months since that fateful day and I am getting to grips with my injuries and a lot of new concepts which I will try to share with you as I go along.  My blog posts will be a bit more regular from now on, but I thought to share this with you as it has been a huge part of my year so far.

Have any of you been to a trampoline park? What are your thoughts on these? Are you on the #bantrampolines movement? Is there anyone else out there who has had a similar injury to mine or been injured whilst  at the trampoline park?

Please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you all.

Until my next post…

Stay blushing!



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