BGB: Dear Home Office…Still Pending

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are doing really well.

I had the pleasure of attending a show not too long ago as part of Refugee Week.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I was completely moved by

Dear Home Office… Still Pending.

Created by Kate Duffy, Dawn Harrison and Rosanna Jahangard, the play presented by Phosphoros Theatre tells the tales of several young adults who move to the United Kingdom fleeing difficult and dangerous circumstances in their own home countries.

As refugees or immigrants, the play provides some of the true life accounts of the young men’s plights as they acclimatise and navigate through life in a foreign country.


The play itself was uniquely created with and performed by eight unaccompanied young male refugees from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Albania.

The young men’s stories were compelling and educated the audience on their plight and those of many others who flee their war-torn countries only to face even more difficult circumstances abroad.

Often left homeless and struggling to survive in a foreign place with no relatives, the play really hits home and showcases their struggles. The boys navigate learning a new language, immigration interviews, age assessments, the first day at college, buying coats for an English winter, and learning to live alongside each other in Local Authority Care.


The play switches from comedy, parody as it meanders through the difficult and searing verbatim accounts of the young men. Their resilience and zest for life is most certainly inspiring as they latch on to music and dreams of living a better life.

Society often paints immigrants in a disparaging light, without real life understanding. How many of you would still hold the same views were you to live a day in their lives? Are they not human beings, just like us? With hopes, dreams and aspirations?


All in all this was a thought-provoking and inspirational show, which I had the pleasure of getting to watch.
Dear Home Office: Still Pending has been funded by Arts Council England  and has been  nominated for
Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award 2016

The show  is still on the road and there are several other dates at theatres across the country.

If you found this interesting and do want to check this out in your local theatre, here are some dates for you below. I guarantee you it will be worthwhile!


What are your thoughts on the show’s themes? What other shows have you seen and do you think I should check out and review?

Please let me now in the comment section below!

Until my next post…

Stay blushing!




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