Daring Dreamgirl : Spring 2017 Inverted Makeup Inspirations

Hello Everyone,

Sometime back I had a lazy day and was browsing the internet to look for things, surfing aimlessly as you do for things to do.

I came across some photos from the Dreamgirls movie that took me back to that era of freedom and just that amazing feeling of being daring and adventurous. The era required you to be bold, assertive and ambitious within all aspects of your life.

The big hair, bold colours combinations, fabulous fashions and dramatic makeup looks really was transformational. I decided to try and recreate something from that era and channel my inner Dreamgirl character to get those creative juices flowing.


I decided to  use these inspirations and incorporate them into everyday wearable makeup by infusing the two biggest makeup trends of 2017.

Monochrome eyes using one bold colour and top on that list are reds, oranges and blues and the Glittery or Metallic lips which I have been dying to try out myself.

If you read Vogue magazine and keep and eye out for what’s new then you’ll also have noticed that they brought out an article with the latest fashion trends and they too were a fan of the red or orange eyeshadow and bold shiny or glittery lips.

I wanted to make a look that would suit women of colour without being too garish. We can pull off any colour, but my focus was on getting a signature look that would dazzle anyone and would be wearable without you feeling self conscious. As you all know I am one for nude colours and this was definitely a step into daredevil territory for me.

The trick with the lipstick was to apply a base lipstick and and then line my lips as well and final step was to dab on the gold eyeshadow. Once complete I dabbed a bit of the setting powder to keep everything in place.

Here is a full list of products used if you feel inspired to recreate this look.

Eyebrows: MUA Eyebrow Pencil – Black/Brown


Kiko – Red Infinity Eyeshadow – 208

Eyebrow Highlight – Kiko Gold Eyeshadow

NYC Black Liquid Eyeliner

MUA Eyeliner – Jet Black

MLA – Eye Primer

Sleek Contour Kit – Dark – Transition colour

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara – Black


L A Girl Colour Corrector – Peach

NARS All Day Luminous Foundation – Khartoum

Blush – Sleek Blush by 3 – Sugar palette

Sleek Contour Kit – Dark

Sacha Cosmetics – Setting Powder

Avon – Makeup Setting Spray

Concealers: MAC Pro Longwear – NW40



MAC Touch Lipstick

Kiko – Gold Infinity Eyeshadow – 256

Lip Pencil – MAC Chestnut


Real Techniques

So how do you think I did? Would you rock this make up look too? Do this take you back and give you all kinds of Diana Ross & the Supremes vibes? What other make up looks would you like me to try too?

Please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you all.

Until my next post…

Stay blushing!




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