A Blogger Affair : BlogConLDN 2017

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all doing amazing!

Sometime ago in March, I had the fantastic opportunity to attend BlogConLDN 2017.

I’ve never been to a blogging event or met other bloggers so I definitely wanted to be surrounded by other people who are just as passionate about blogging as I am.

I live in a small town a fair distance from London, so meeting fellow bloggers is a rarity, unless of course you happen to have started a blog  and your friend has one too. Thankfully I didn’t have to do it alone, as my fellow blogger friend, TheLissaWay also came along on my blogging adventure.

For those who have never been, it’s definitely a worthwhile experience.

BlogConLDN was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London on the 18th of March 2017 and is run and hosted by Scarlett London. The venue is in a very picturesque area of London in Westminster so you got to see all the amazing buildings like the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court. I didn’t have time to soak up all the scenery as we were in a rush on the day.

It’s an annual event where a bevy of bloggers…(not quite sure that’s the official term, but let’s go with it!) meet up to share their passions, find the latest new product as well as get helpful hints and tips to help develop their content too.

The Brands

There were several brands there showcasing their products and services so here are is a small selection of the displays and stands that I visited.

Chichi Clothing


Johnny Loves Rosie

blogconimg_1207 (2)

A fabulous jewellery brand with dainty and exquisite designs.



Love Inc is an eclectic mix of vintage pieces and interior lighting which can be customised. I’ve always wanted one of these custom-made signs myself, so this was definitely a cool stand to check out!

Lola’s Apothecary

A beauty and skincare brand which had an amazing flower display. Definitely my favourite display , but this was tossup between this and Chichi Clothing.

The Talks 

This part was the most eye-opening for me. There were so many amazing talks to try to attend and it was quite difficult to be in many places at one time. The speakers were there to give valuable advice about running your own blog and really taking your content creation to the next level! I realised that there is so much I have to learn and much more to improve on.


Ed Lemont – The Discerning Man

Being able to discuss with professional bloggers was an absolutely invaluable experience for me and definitely one that I revelled in. There was way too many people per table and not enough seats, but I was glad to hear the valuable advice, hints and tips they had to offer! If anything it’s definitely a true reflection of how much knowledge was being shared on the day and the passion and eagerness to hear from the speakers at BlogConLDN 2017.

Here are some of the speaker talks that I managed to attend.

Please feel free to check out their content 🙂

Carl Thompson 

Building your brand’s aesthetic and working better with PRs & Agencies,


Haydn Squibb 

Working with Brands: How Outreach Works


Beth Norton 

Staying True To Your Brand & Learning Not To Compare,

Ed Lemont – The Discerning Man –

How to PR yourself and build strong relationships in blogging

The Freebies!

There were some really amazing brands exhibiting their products, both well established and some relatively new companies. It was an interesting experience being able to speak to the brand representatives and getting to know new things about the products that they had to offer. They were all very welcoming and made every effort to explain the products and their services.

Goody bag brands:

Indigo HerbsSchwarzkopfGreen Cola Regenerate | White Glo | Funkin Cocktails | Slissie

The Brands/Exhibitors

 Chi Chi LondonHey Green Go | Lipivir|Johnny Loves RosieAlflorex|Sleek HairExuvianceMashooq Hair|Trek America |Type The HypeJouvé |Lola’s Apothecary| Love Inc|The Good GuruCute NutritionMERUMAYAThe Glam App

I shall be reviewing some of the products from the event so please keep your eyes peeled for these coming soon 🙂

The Bloggers

Being able to meet people who have the same passions that you have was such a great experience and here are some of the lovely bloggers who I had the pleasure of meeting 🙂

Sarah – Simplysaesae


A fantastic travel and lifestyle blogger who I had the pleasure of meeting at the event. Sarah’s blog has helpful hints and tips about travelling and she documents the best things to do in all the exotic locations she has visited.

Sarah also wrote her review on the event and top tips on what to wear and other helpful things if you are planning on attending a blogging event too,so please do check her blog out ! 🙂

Sarah’s BlogConLDN review

The Lissa Way

A beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who has a real passion for beauty products. She documents her travels and always has a helpful new product, so she too is definitely worth checking out 🙂

How did I rate it?

All in all my first blogging event was an absolute success! I really hope I get the opportunity to do more fun, exciting and out of my comfort zone things this year and I will certainly be taking you along this journey with me too!

Have you been to any exciting events recently? What other events or activities would you like me to review?

Please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you all.

Until my next post…

Stay blushing!




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