Camden Nights & A hidden Zulu Kingdom

Sometimes impromptu plans always have the best of endings. I recently went to London to watch Girls, a theatre production at the Soho Theatre. Having made the trip up, my friends and I decided to grab a bite to eat before the show started so we headed over to Camden first to try out a restaurant I had been dying to go to for the longest time.

Camden is always a fun place for me, but I hadn’t realised that this was a stone’s throw away from this hidden Zulu Kingdom. We sampled the shops and stalls which was a delightful experience, it always is. Camden is full of arty fun and fantastic people and sights. I sampled some bang bang chicken from a guy who was singing Halo by Beyonce, this was an absolutely fab moment in my day.


His food is amazing, so if you are ever around Camden, please pop by and sample his stall. I can’t guarantee he will actually sing Beyonce songs for you though. I think that was just for me 🙂

Before going into the restaurant we stopped by a stall of African clothing that is also worthy of a mention, Jekkah. An African inspired streetwear brand for men and women with some amazing prints and designs. After a brief shopping spree, we headed into Shaka Zulu. The outside is pretty deceptive because the entrance is so narrow, you’ll be taken aback when you make you way in by escalator. You descend into an African kingdom, well that’s how I describe it myself.


The decor was absolutely captivating and a celebration of all things African. The Zulu statues were ornate, you could tell the level of detail applied to make this dining experience authentically African. Each of the artefacts were sourced from African artisans, something that added extra points for me as it helped showcase and promote African art.

Now for the food, where do I even being…. The food was absolutely delightful, as you can see….

You had a mezze of African dishes, so it wasn’t like a trip down to your local pub that’s for sure. Ostrich, crocodile, zebra, boar and game were on the menu and showcased truly African dishes. Stuck on what to choose, I went for the Heirloom Tomato Soup, which was heavenly, followed but the Masala Roasted Spatchcock Chicken with straw potatoes & a Zulu Red chilli sauce and finished this off with the Vanilla Panna Cotta with Poached Champagne Strawberries.

Also pictured were my sister’s menu choices:  Cajun-Crusted Kingfish, Wilted Kale & Chilli & Lemon Oil  and the Dark Chocolate Tart with Klipdrift Chantily & Honeycomb Crackling.

All in all a fantastic dining experience which was authentically African! The night didn’t stop here as I made my way over to Soho to watch Girls a theatre production loosely based on the missing Chibok school girls. Please check out my blog post.

Are there any other fantastic restaurants I should try out, please let me know in the comments section below.

Until my next post…

Stay blushing!




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