BGB: A Twisted Tale…

As part of my vision for this blog,  I want to be able to showcase other females, especially young inspiring black females who truly are passionate and individual. In a world that stifles our dreams and aspirations, it is always reassuring to meet or come across someone who is boldly themselves and truly BLUSHES. That is certainly the case when it comes to Twisted, a young aspiring writer & blogger from Nigeria. Twisted writes about love, relationships and life in general with a vivid imagination and an intense way of tapping into restricted emotion and sentiment.

Having come across her work, I was interested to hear more about  her and what drives her to write with such an honest and thought provoking flair. She was kind enough to let me share her work and answer a few questions too.


My name is Akinseye Atinuke Ajoke.(Twisted)

I’m 21.

Hobbies & Interests ?
I don’t really have much hobbies but I love to bake and write in serene places
Interests?hmmm,food interests me or should I say the way it’s prepared,then poems.

When did you decide you wanted to pursue your writing talent?
Honestly writing was just a hobby or should I say my safe haven,seems like my safe haven expanded when I opened my blog earlier this year in February.

He didn’t turn to look,he didn’t care
His focus was on her
He couldn’t care less about the crowd in the room
His focus was on the girl in the black dress he has known for years,but always admired her from a distance
In his mind’s eye he could picture them
He could not imagine his life without her
Fate had brought them together
And this time, in this moment he’ll seize this opportunity to make her His…
Her movements so clumsy but yet so Her
Her beautiful blue eyes sparkling when excited
The way she threw her head in total abandon when she laughed
He wanted this lovely being for himself
So many times he had tried to express his feelings but felt scared
As he approached her,his legs became like jelly still he kept on
He stumbled and fell
A voice said “are you hurt”?
Looking up he saw her at a close range and his heart melted
Her freckles are so lovely,he thought to himself
He replied “I love you”…….



Some people normally have a creative gene in their bloodline. Is this something that runs in your family when it comes to writing and being artistic?
No one in my family I know of writes but my dad and grandfather love to read during their spare time.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Inspiration huh?I’m an inspiration to myself,I don’t really have much friends so I’m usually all alone and like my dad will say learn to be bored,beautiful things are created”, he didn’t lie).

Everything black is sweet
Every other color goes with black
Black is mysterious just like art
Black is beautiful
Black is strong
Above all,we blacks matter irrespective of our color


What genre do you enjoy reading or writing the most and why?
I love reading suspense,thriller novels since I don’t watch movies. My genre of writing involves romance,fantasy. I’m not exactly grounded in writing poems but I’ll get there. hopefully.

What’s your reason for loving me, she asked with a weary voice from crying. He smiled and answered ” I’ve seen your pain, I’ve seen you hurt. Its typical of you to smile or laugh it off but in your pain you smile. You’ve hurt too much the tears don’t come out,instead you laugh and when you laugh hard,my heart hurts.
    It hurts because you seem scared to trust,talk more of loving. When I tell you how you make me feel,I see a dilemma in your eyes,they say” should I let him in?will he hurt me like the former?the previous guy said that too,does he just want me for my body?. Yes you are wonderfully created,an artwork in all its beauty and grace but I want more than the body,I won’t hurt you, I want to see you smile warmly,I’m willing for us to work on our flaws together and create our own kind of perfect. With the little attention you give me,I appreciate and forever grateful but your love really is all I need to feel alright.
It is you and will always be you, keep that in mind….


Who is your favourite writer?
My favorite writer is Megan Abott

To date what successes have you had with your work?
Since I just started up the blog this year,I’ve got quite a number of views and reviews these past few months,hopefully it’ll expand.

Ever looked in the mirror and instead of seeing a beautiful person
You see a broken person,who keeps pushing
Seeking peace in abnormalities
Seeking happiness in uncertainties
Seeking love in thorns
Yet that person in the mirror still practice the smile for the day
The smile that’ll get him/her through the day
The smile everyone will love but kills you within
That facade my friend is the new living


What are your aspirations in the field? 
I hope people through my work feel the need to reconnect with themselves more rather than go out there and get disappointed.


Let our hearts burn in same desire
As our heart keep the flames of the fire
We crave something deep
But our minds are unfit
How can we say I love you
When our soul craves an adventure
Look at me; do I seem like a joke
Even the joker knows deep words that makes one ponder
I doubt you’ll look at me same way now,I wonder
We want to love
As we are flawed
Hoping it(love) is enough…..



What would your advice be to anyone who was apprehensive of showcasing their own work?
To those who are apprehensive in showcasing their work, the world needs more writers to remind us that no talent is a waste. You may never know who you’ll touch through your work.
She was not the perfect girl
Neither was he the perfect guy
But they chose to believe in forever
Giving each other unlimited chances to love themselves everyday
Their love had thorns,
But yet found their roses
Their love was full of flaws yet beautiful
Who’d have ever imagined?
Their imperfections made them more of a delight to each other
That my friend is Love
Please do go and check out Akinseye’s work, or shall I say Twisted on her own personal blog. You’ll be glad you it as it is definitely well worth a read.
If you’re interested in being part of my showcase posts, please get in touch with me via my blog, email or other social media accounts, I would love to hear from you!


Until my next post…

Stay blushing!





2 thoughts on “BGB: A Twisted Tale…

    1. Your work speaks for itself Twisted!! Continue exploring your passion and definitely looking reading it. Thanks for featuring, I’m sure so many others will be inspired by your work! Keep blushing 🙂


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