Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Boudoir

A couple of weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Professional Makeup Masterclass with Charlotte Tilbury. As part of the aftercare service from Make Up London Academy, I got the opportunity to meet other make up artists who are just as enthusiastic about the power of makeup and transformation.


Set in the heart of London, the Professional Makeup Masterclass was held in Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty boudoir in Covent Garden. It was fantastic experience to meet industry insiders who really have a handle on what it takes to excel.

img_6664Several other graduates were also in attendance and it was a fun filled event where we got to network and learn not just about the industry but also discuss our ambitions and aspirations in make up artistry. Getting to communicate and network was a really fantastic experience for me.


The lead make-up artist Oliver Simpson, went through the key trends and gave demonstrations on how to achieve the winged eye and effortless smokey eye look. The evening was a fun filled affair of drinks and makeup decadence.


Along with the excellent tutorials and demonstrations from the lead artists, there was an opportunity to be interviewed to work with the Charlotte Tilbury brand as not only a retail make up artist but as a freelance make up artists.

Now, I couldn’t leave you with this review without showcasing the other things that were on offer that night. As part of the experience we had a fabulous discount on all the lovely products we used in the tutorial which I could not possibly resist.


As you can see it was an extremely difficult decision as I was really trying to control myself. After having a really good look around the displays with my makeup artist friend on the Night Sandra, I finally picked a colour to go for…



Meet Hell’s Bells (flash)…


Hell’s Bells (No Flash)..


So what products have you tried from Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup line and which other products should I definitely try out?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Until my next post…

Stay blushing!




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