Not So Glowwy…

Hello Everyone,

I have searching the Internet for a monthly beauty box subscription with the ideal products for women of colour.

I hesitated picking one of the mainstream boxes initially because I had visions of receiving products that weren’t suitable for a darker skin tone.

In my searches online I came across a company called GlowwBox. I had such high hopes for this brand and given that this was catered for darker skinned individuals like me, I had even higher expectations. I signed up without any hesitation and waited eagerly for my box to arrive.

My wait was a lot longer than I expected….

I ordered my box at the end of May at a discounted price so it was £5.95 for my first Glowwbox.

I’ll tell you more about the customer experience but I thought I should show you the products first. That being said, here is what I got in my June Glowboxx which arrived in July.


The packaging was really lovely and it made you feel like you were getting something really special. I do like the hints of pink against the white and black background. Within the box you were give your products as well as a booklet detailing its contents.



The Products:

PHB Ethical Beauty ‘s Brightening Moisturiser (with Argan & Immortelle) 


 I got 2 sachets of this moisturisers and it is for normal or combination skin. As a sample, there was a minimal amount to try and use and as such one was not enough for one application. The moisturiser had a lovely finish and was not too oily when applied. It did however have a very strong smell, which would take some getting used to. Sadly this would not persuade me to purchase this. The company do offer samples of their product for only £1.00 should you wish to try it.

Pink Affect Foiled Eye Shadow (Y-0018) 

19 Polish Zloty (approx £3.76)

I also got the Affect foiled eye shadow in a shimmery pink colour. This is a colour I wouldn’t normally wear. I looked into the brand to get to see what other items they did, but found that as they are a European brand, this would mean more shipping costs and potentially a lengthy wait for your products. In terms of the eyeshadow itself, this was not entirely impressive. A swatch of it seemed particularly patchy and this would need a good eyeshadow primer and a base for the colour to truly pay off. It is not particularly pigmented and this is such a shame. Sadly, another item I won’t be seeking to purchase. Should you wish to purchase this, the website would be in Polish so some translation would be required too.img_1440

Eye of Horus – Serpentine Sultry Goddess Pencil – Dark Olive

$30.00 (company website – above) or £15.00 (Beauty Bay)


This is my more exciting product. I had reservations about this eye pencil because I did not think I would be a fan of dark olive on my eyes. This eyeliner pencil had a beautiful highly pigmented dark olive colour with shimmery gold flecks and is a double ended pencil. One side has the eyeliner colour and on the other  end is the smudger, perfect for that smokey eye look.  This will certainly be something I would love to try out especially for a night out or an evening look.

This retails at £15.00 in the UK and is not readily available to purchase on the high street. Depending on how much you choose to pay for your eyeliner, I would be moved to pay this much for something that would be used everyday and a neutral colour. I wouldn’t be in any rush to repurchase as this may last me a very long time.

Styl London Temporary Tattoos



I have tried the temporary tattoos before and these are something I wouldn’t wear everyday but possibly for a summery event,like a festival maybe or over the weekend. The ones I tried before were from the sale section in New Look for a £1.00. I look forward to trying these particular ones out this summer, but as I said this isn’t something I would go out of my way to purchase.

2True Easy Glide Kohl Pencil


I know this brand is already in the high street and can be found in Superdrug but you can also purchase their products from their own website online. There wasn’t anything particularly different for me. This was a white pencil, not different to anything I haven’t already seen. It is certainly highly pigmented and has excellent colour pay off.This will be perfect for brightening your eyes and will certainly come in handy.


Evolve Organic Beauty – Nourishing Hair Elixir 10ml

10ml – £6.00 ; 30ml -£16.00 



I have naturally dry hair and this does require a lot of moisture. I was impressed by that organic element of this product and this genuinely does persuade me to purchase things because of the natural ingredients. Argan oil is famous for its nourishing and moisturising properties, something which would be fantastic for my hair. According to their site Baobab Oil nourishes, improves hair elasticity and encourages cell regeneration. Baobab is rich in antioxidants which will help protect the hair from environmental damage. I’m keen to see the results of this and things like this can only be assessed over several months. I look forward to updating you on this in the next couple of months to see if it truly works.

Value for Money?

The monetary value of this box totalled £31.75 so you are getting a bargain, but realistically for me some of these products are things I wouldn’t necessarily use. My favourite things were the Eye of Horus eye pencil and the Hair Elixir. The products were meant to be for women of colour, however there was nothing listed as specifically for women of colour. I feel that they aren’t really bringing their unique selling point out providing product ranges from brands that cater specifically to darker skinned women.

The Customer Experience:

I ordered my box towards the end of May. May ended, and June came along… and the box still hadn’t arrived. I then decided to enquire about the delay in my delivery.

I did not get an immediate response, this was several days before I got a reply from the people at GlowwBox. This was the case when any communications I had with them. An email took several days before your issue was addressed.

When I enquired I was told the that the box was delivered to my porch. I do not have a front porch which was incredibly worrying and when I mentioned I hadn’t received the June one either, and they eventually sent out the June Box. I enquired about a refund as well, but they said they could only refund the box price which I had not received.

I wish I could honestly say that this was a completely positive experience, however that was definitely not how things panned out for me. I ended up paying full price £18.95 for the June box and getting a refund for the May box despite the June box being the first box I had actually received.

Given my experience and the product offering in this box, I would personally not be inclined to resubscribe. I was offered a reduction on my new subscription as compensation, but I honestly would not benefit from ordering another box and certainly wouldn’t want to risk another experience.

So how have your GlowwBox experiences been?

Are you enjoying their products and would you repurchase any of their products from this box? What would you do if you had the experience I had?

Please let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time, Stay blushing!





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