Avon-Garde: Prime Position…

The beginning of every make up routine should always include one key cosmetic product; THE PRIMER.

This should be undoubtedly the foundation of any girl’s routine regardless of whether it is just a simple look or a full face make up look. The primer gives your foundation a smooth base upon which to apply the rest of your makeup.

There are several types of primers on the market, all of varying  price and performance.

Avon recently released their new primer called the MagiX Compact Smoothing Primer this month and I thought I would give this a try.

Here are my initial thoughts;

Unlike most primers,  I have used previously the MagiX Smoothing Primer comes in a compact. The only reason for this is of this product’s velvety texture and being in a compact makes it easier to dispense.


To test this out, I used it on my most active day. I knew this would really put the product to  its limits and if it survived, then it meant it could withstand anything and everything.

I have been having a difficult time with my skin of late, but this seemed to do the trick. It gave me a perfect base to build on and apply my foundation. Avon guarantee it is for all skin tones, and that is very much true. Despite being a soft pinky nude colour this definitely does not leave you with a blue cast on your skin, especially for a person with a deeper skin tone.


Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 07.05.35.png

Avon’s MagiX Compact Smoothing Primer

It definitely delivers as it says on the tin; 1 primer, 1 shade and perfect for every skin tone.

The primer is a velvety texture and perfect to blur any lines and hide your pores too and wash able to mask the sorry state that my skin is at the moment. Even through I had a full on day, it did the most important thing I always want to, it keep the oily T-Zone at bay. As Avon boats, it banishes shine and it did exactly that. The MagiX Compact Smoothing Primer is an oil-free formula for a flawless matte finish. The picture above can definitely attest to just how much of a flawless finish this gave me.

How did if fare against the High End Alternative?


I normally use M.A.C.’s Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage as my primer especially for special occasions. M.A.C. is a high-end product and along with that, a  higher price tag which is as expected. At only £6.00,  an introductory price, Avon’s primer is £15.50 less that’s MAC’s Primer which retails for around £21.50. The only other differences between these apart from price and brand is that MAC has iridescent particles which the Avon primer doesn’t have. This takes away nothing from the product though. Avon’s MagiX Compact Smoothing Primer is still a high performing product which definitely has me rethinking my loyalties to Prep and Prime.

Would I buy this product?

img_1766Without a shadow of a doubt!

It has a smooth application, banishes pores, keeps the oiliness at bay and its at a fantastic price of just £6.00. This is a no-brainer ladies and definitely well worth trying out.

Let me know you thoughts in the comments section below

Stay blushing!



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