Day 30: Why Do I Blog?

I have made it through 30 days of blogging and this post is the last one in my 30 Day Blogging challenge series!!!

Can you believe it guys ? I did it!

The final posts touches on my reason for blogging…

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 06.27.03

Really and truly the answer to that question is, because it’s part of who I am. Even if there was no internet and no way or platform of sharing this in blog format… It would be a diary or the notes on my phone. Writing is the best form of expression for me and it allows me to communicate and articulate on a completely different level. It is a way of releasing all your thoughts into the ether… Feel the prana people ! It just gives me good vibes 🙂


Being a bit of an introvert/loner by default, I like to chronicle life events and document my thoughts and ideas. I have been blogging since I was 7, this is just the grown up version. My adult self will tell you that I began this blog to share ideas. I love people and life and sharing new ideas and inspirations is one of those things that allowed me to become part of a community and to be inspired to share that to kindred beauty enthusiasts.


Blogging hasn’t been  just a vanity inspired past time for me.. Personally, I have grown through all the other lifestyle and advice content that I have come across too. It has allowed me to grow my ideas and vision not just for my life, but for the blog as well. Blogging has given me hope and lots to occupy me during my sleepless nights too.

I have a huge passion to help people and would like to achieve that through this blog. So why do I blog, because it is who I am, it has helped me integrate into a community of people who share those passions and it has help me grow too.

Ultimately, I want to do more with this blog going forward and I hope you will all come along on this journey with me.

Thank you so much for staying on board so far! Thank you for keeping up to date with my daily posts too, there’s more to come….so don’t you worry!

Until then, remember to…

Stay Blushing!





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