Day 29: Relationship Status?

The challenge is coming to a close and we are on wind down mode.

My penultimate post is apparently on relationships.

To put you all out of your misery and kill all the curiosity….


I have been for the longest time….

Not quite sure, how most would perceive it… but I have learnt to appreciate it.

A lot of people get downhearted about being single so much so that they forget the freedom that it allows you.


You get to make decisions on your own terms and live your life how you choose it, without the pressure of continually having to consider everyone else’s feelings, thoughts and opinions.

I think your single years are your best opportunity to live. To fully explore life; your passions and dreams without the weight of having someone else to factor in. You get to be ‘selfish’ for once, but about your dreams…It is your life right? Do all those things you’ve always wanted to!


I read something the other week about edification and the single lifestyle. It said something along the lines of… You are at the prime position to edified and moulded into your Christian walk during your single years and that is 100% true.

More often than not so much of people’s energies become focused on their unions or on their partner that some goals just get pushed aside and forgotten. Ideally the best relationship for you is one that nurtures your growth too, but as with anything not everything is always guaranteed.. Where hearts are involved, everything is a little hazy at times.The goal here is to be complete even when you are alone and not to hinge that upon having a relationship.


That being said, love, romance and companionship are things we all long for and deserve too. I am firm believer that the perfect opportunity will present itself and if you actively go out looking for something, you won’t find what was meant for you.

If you are single then your focus right now should be about meeting your commitment to those dreams and passions of yours. My focus in life is about finding out who I am and what I want to become. I think when you carve out that vision and when you define your position in the world you will be aligned to your equal complement too.

As a result, it is so much easier to recognise that in other people too. Hence by mapping out who you are in detail, you are therefore able to define a future partner with greater intricacy.


I truly believe people gravitate towards authenticity. The more true to self you are the more likely you will be of finding someone who matches the contours of your own personality.

To those of you who are actively searching, I hope and pray you find that perfect person.

I wish you love, peace and abundant happiness

Here are some of my favourite love quotes;


Be blessed and See you all tomorrow!!

Stay Blushing!!!



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