Day 22: Hair to the Throne…

I’ve had several hair styles over the years, some of which I will try and skip…. mostly for my sake. The embarrassment alone is something I don’t think my reputation can withstand.

I’ll give you a couple of my most recent looks and an idea of what I’ll be going to try out very soon. I have rocked braids, cornrows, hair extensions, the slicked back gel look, big hair… you name it, I have probably had it done.

I’ve always wanted to experiment with colour and there was a time believe it or not, where I had red hair…. It was shocking and SADLY no photographic evidence exists of me during those daring years of mine.

Nowadays, I have a more tame look… seen here below:


I am hoping to experiment more with my look this summer…

and here are a few ideas of what I might be getting done…

Big Bouncy Curls:



Big Bouncy curls are definitely are must have and something I normally go for in the summer, much similar to what Beyonce has in the pics above.



Going lighter is something I have never had the guts to do, but something about this picture has me wanting to just walk into a salon and getting it done.I’d probably go for a darker tone than this. Who knows, maybe I will take the plunge this summer.

Twists or Braids:


I haven’t had my hair braided in a long time and I definitely want to go back to an effortless style.

Those are a few of my hairstyle ideas. What are your dream hairstyles this summer?

See you all tomorrow!!

Stay Blushing!!!




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