Day 20: My Confessions…

I’m not quite sure where this challenge is taking me…

But I’m happy to carry on with this ride.

Today I have to share my 10 confessions with you….

Not sure whether you will still accept me after this,

So I shall borrow some of Usher’s famous lyrics…

These are my confessions…

1: I don’t like marmite…


I just don’t get it…??? Am I missing something. Please don’t judge me!

2: I don’t eat olives…


Again, with this I just don’t get it…??? Am I missing something

3: I sing and dance during my jogs


I know right, it’s embarrassing…but if you love me, you’ll find it endearing.

4: I’m a geek


I see it as a gift and often come up with random unnecessary information which I bring up in normal conversation.

5: : I have a Snapchat addiction


I am currently seeking help for this, but still struggling to lead a normal life.

6: I’m an insomniac


I rarely sleep  8 full hours unless ill or tranquilised. An unhealthy habit that I am desperately trying to fight off.

7: I can’t swim


No deep bodies of water for me thank you!

8: I have never been drunk


Most folks don’t believe it’s possible but it’s true!

9: I can’t stand being lied to


It’s a total deal breaker for me.

10: I remember numbers.


I can remember numbers quite easily. It’s like a photographic memory. I am currently using this super power to remember my bank information, important phone numbers and other random numerical data.

So those are my 10 confessions…care to share yours with me in the comments section?

See you all tomorrow!!

Stay Blushing!!!



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