Day 18: Summer Summer time…

Day 18…today, I am going to share with you what plans I have for the summer. I haven’t got an intricate plan just yet, but here are a few things I have in the pipeline to look forward to this summer….

Ok now ladies, let’s just get in formation:

BeyonceHeader980I’m mostly looking forward to the events I want to go to this year and top of my list is the Beyonce Formation Tour concert, that I’ll be going to in the next couple of weeks.

Being fit:


Being fit and healthy is definitely on my list of things I look forward to. Lots of hard work will be necessary but I am ready for that challenge. I have a lot of weight in the past 6 months and I plan on building on that success and reaching my goal weight. My fit inspiration is Jennifer Hudson.



Definitely looking forward to my little brother’s graduation this year. Something to make me feel like a proud big sister and no doubt embarrass him for it’s worth 🙂



I’m a huge fan of  barbecues and will be looking forward to the sunshine and amazing food on offer. I am quite partial to the boerwors sausage and will be having plenty of those this summer.

Let’s go to beach:


The beach, the water, the ice-cream and the adventure. All things I am looking forward to doing. We always have so much fun and I plan on being in better shape for it this year 🙂

I’m sure my plans will develop further as the summer goes along, but not to worry I shall definitely keep you all posted.

See you all tomorrow!!

Stay Blushing!!!



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