Day 17: My Bucket List…

Happy Friday Everyone!

Day 17…. we are more than half way through now and today I am going to share with you some of the top things on my bucket list. Truth be told I have completed several of them already, but there are some that have still not quite within my reach.

Here are the one’s I have completed far:

Creating a blog:

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 06.27.03.png

Horse Riding:


Go Karting

Visiting the Shard:

The Bungee Jump:


The Aeroplane Flight:

Still outstanding on my to do list is some of the following items:

Quad biking:


A Zip Wire Ride:


Men enjoying zip-line flying over the forest

A Hot Air Balloon Flight:


Climbing a Mountain and Abseiling down:


Swimming with Dolphins :


Going to Loch Ness




Travelling around the world

Those are some of my top items on my bucket list.

What is on your list? Let me know in the comments section below.

See you tomorrow!

Stay Blushing!




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