BGB: Punch it with Positivity!!

Staying positive is always a difficult thing to try and manage especially when faced with a difficult set of circumstances. Many of us when faced with these situations take the knee jerk reaction that is associated with such scenarios. We fall to the long publicised themes of anger, sadness, depression and so on.

Much of this emotion normally forces us to concede to bad decision making within our lives. Perfect examples are emotional eaters and alcoholics. We form habits as a result of misfortune, and these become the crutches on which we lean on as coping mechanisms.

 Does that drink, that chocolate bar or that night out change your circumstance ? NO !!! It only serves to remind you the next day or hours later how worse of you feel afterwards. You also realise that this is energy that could have been better spent attacking the problems and facing them head on has been spent on meaningless activities.

I have always been told that I am always positively chirpy, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it is always difficult to stay this way especially when you come across some extremely pain periods within your life. Even the most resilient and positive spirits get worn out sometimes. These are my best coping mechanisms and how I try my best to stay positive.

Can you change it?

As with anything, you have to ask yourself whether you have the ability to change a situation. A lot of the time our hearts and minds focus on trying to change things that are now in our pasts. Sometimes certain things can not be fixed, you have to accept that and take the lessons with you to educate your future decisions. As people we become fixated on that one situation, we lost sight of the bigger picture. If you can not change it, try and come to terms with it and let your heart heal. This will be a matter of time, but one day you will wake up and it will not weigh your spirit down.


I find that the things I feel or worry about engulf me to a point where I end up not communicate. I ghost out as I like to say. I’m present, but not really there. So to avoid stuff like that, I will always try and put my feelings and thoughts into words. I put this on paper and leave it there.


Alone time

img_8774Alone time is crucial for most people and something that definitely helps you stay grounded and gain perspective. So much of our time is spent in front of computer screens. Try and find sometime for yourself each day. It could be a walk, jog, a bath or a book. This time is important to clear your mind.

Productive Pasttimes

Positivity has a lot to do with creating happy vibes and the more of these moments you actively create the more you can create that aura. Once you consistently create these your resilience in difficult scenarios allows you to remain positive regardless of what emotional terrain you are up against. Motivate yourself in creating these by participating in group activities, learning new skills and engaging in new experiences. Try something new, you never know where that will lead to.



Laughter is truly the best medicine. I can not begin to tell you how much this has helped me through some of my tough times. You could be going through some incredibly tough or stressful times, but all it takes is someone telling that joke to lighten your mood. It certainly keeps you going, that’s for sure!


Your Environment

Declutter your life and your surroundings. So much of your mood and motivation is directly linked to your environment. This correlation between these two is incredibly important. A change in your surroundings will definitely uplift your mood. Visit somewhere new, you’ll come back with a completely different outlook.


Similarly your friends form part of your environment. Your friends and the people in your life also impact your mood and outlook on life. Negative people create negative vibes. There is no way you will be able to counteract this for as long as you spend the majority of your time with toxic influences from your immediate social circles.

I will touch on this in another post soon.


This is my favourite thing to do, coupled with alone time. Music does wonders. It is a form of escapism for me and it allows you to emote in a way that goes beyond the physical. Music has the power to uplift, empowers and definitely helps you to let go of all those thoughts you try so hard to hold back.


Positive Role Models

It always helps to stay tuned to people, not necessarily in your social circles, but people who can provide useful advice. The thing about positivity is that it relies heavily on creating an atmosphere of hope. Having that continually infused in your life is important. There are so many of different mediums and platforms to use.

For me this was through self development books, autobiographies and motivational speakers. My personal recommendations are the following;

Susan Jeffers – Feel the fear and do it anyway

 download (3)

A couple of my favourite speakers are Tony Robbins, Destorm Power and Trent Shelton.

I recently had the opportunity to meet him at a Championship Mode event last month.

Check out my post from last month by clicking here.



As a Christian, my belief in God has always brought me peace and relying on him to get me through the hard times keeps me going. He provides hope and peace of mind that uplifts me in the most difficult of times.

If you are going through some difficult moments in your life, try and kick the negative thoughts out and do something about it where you can. Try not to sit and mull over things. The longer you do the more disheartened you will become.

If life has taught me something, it is that every circumstance that you are undergoing will require resilience and perseverance. So punch your setbacks with POSITIVITY!

See you tomorrow!

Stay Blushing!




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