Day 13: My Fears & Phobias….

Definitely  not the easiest thing to write about but, it’s all part of my blogging challenge… so write I must. I have a couple of fears and phobias… here are some of them.


If there is one thing I detest the most, it is snakes. I am so scared of them even if they are on the television and far away enough to not harm me. I have seen and heard so many horror stories of being getting bitten and the thought alone scares me.

I went to the National Museum in London and was mortified when we went into this section of the animal display. I wasn’t about to go hunting for adders in the name of this blog, so here are a few photos of them. Uploading this even gave me goosebumps.


 I may have mentioned this before but I am pretty scared of heights. Even after plucking the courage to face my fears and do a bungee jump, I’m still petrified. This has become a lot better since the jump.

Scary Movies:

I don’t like horror films it’s something that I have always been afraid of and never liked. I never realised how bad this was until I was taken to the cinema and spent the majority of the film holding on for dear life and eyes tightly shut. It was rather embarrassing, but I know my limits now. No scary movies for me thank you very much.


 I guess this is a common thing for everyone and it’s something that I have too. Being scared of failing or not being good enough is definitely something I suffer from. It’s the idea that stops us from doing new things. This has gotten somewhat better over the years, the more tries and successes you have, the better you become at conquering the fear and having lots of support and encouragement definitely helps things too.

So that’s me heart on my sleeve, what are your fears and phobias? Let me know in the comments section below.

See you tomorrow!

Stay Blushing!




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