Day 11: My Dream Job…

It’s Day 11! As part of my challenge, I have to try and let you in more… and tell you about my dream job.

What would my dream job be…?

Well if you asked me when I was little, I would have had some grand idea about what it was I wanted to be. I probably would have instantly said it. I was really great a writing; I wrote short stories and poems and even won prizes for it. I toyed with it, but never really thought it was something I could view as an actual career.

At one point I was sure I wanted to be a lawyer and talked myself out of it when I realised that I might defend someone who committed heinous crimes. That was short lived but I guess I still like the idea  of arguing my point across and winning an audience or a judge over. I loved debate and was really passionate about it growing up.

I was really good at IT and Accounting, but decided to pursue Accounting after high school and that’s where I ended up being.

I guess as you grow older you fall into careers and then you make decisions based upon what needs to be done or what can be done out of circumstance.

I thought for the longest time about this… what would my dream job be???

Ideally I would want to be able to impact change in people’s lives and help them live to their fullest potential whilst utilising my skills and my passions. I guess in essence I have told you what I want it to involve without really explaining the job role.

I want to be a writer and maybe a speaker even… someday. It could be songwriting or scriptwriting as long as there are words, I want to be able to use them the best way I know how. Dreams evolve over time and I think with that new found growth it would develop into a wider reaching role overall.

If I could be anything is to be relevant enough to inspire someone to make changes within their life, big or small .

So if you ask me my dream job, it’s to be a writer.

So tell me, what is your dream job? Let me know in the comment section below.

See you tomorrow!

Stay Blushing!




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