Day 10: A Day in the Life…

So as part of day 10, I need to show you what my day looks like in real life terms…

This post will be unusually later than normal, because I have to live it first before I write it. So you will have to bear with me,especially if my blog has now become part of your normal day. 🙂

Midnight – 06:00

Blog posts..


As I am writing this… I am up and I have been in 00:09, I’m very weird like that…but as I am up and about I thought to get ahead and work on my blog posts. I have an awkward sleep pattern especially when I am worried about something.. So I am being productive which is a good thing…


Walk that Walk..

As I’ve been a bit under the weather I’m trying to work on losing weight and getting my health in check, but without doing too much. So in light of that I’ve been taking walks for 30-60 minutes of late and I’m trying to keep that going… So here is a pic of one of my favourite places..



Get Ready with Me!

This bit is more of a dash in the shower, make up if I can afford to be bothered. My look for work is normally very minimal if at all, but I endeavoured to make an effort today as I’ll be showing you around!


Work work work…

I work within financial services as part of a project team, so there is not much else I can share here. My morning has been filled with meetings about our current project work, so it’s been a fairly busy morning so far.


Lunch Time


More work work work..

Much similar to the morning, the afternoon was just as busy so… plenty of tasks to action and try and stay on top of as is the way with project based work.


Get Ready with Me, Again!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear tonight, but I opted for just a little dress and some pumps. Nothing fancy as it was dinner with my friend.

20:00 – 22:30

Dinner with a Winner

Definitely well needed after a pretty stressful week. Always great catching up with my friends as we don’t work together  anymore.



I’m one of those people that I guess spends a lot of time by themselves…not sure why that is, but I guess I use my down time to rest and recover. Most of this is spent watching videos, planning my next activity or blog post. I find that I use this time to collect my thoughts, reflect on my day and where I want to go next. In the last few minutes of my day, I am sat here just editing the last bits of my blog post for today

I hope you have enjoyed spending the day with me :), Thank you for coming along with me!

See you all tomorrow!

Stay Blushing!





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