Beauty: What’s in my Handbag?

A little late, but finally here is my Day 9 challenge upload … and it’s a what’s in my handbag post.

Wouldn’t you all love to know….

Well first I guess I have to tell you where my handbag is from…

I bought my bag after an intense search both online and in-store. After much mulling and I walked into Topshop and immediately fell in love with this exact design. Strangely enough, one of my good friends also spotted this bag… crazy right? We have such great taste 🙂


Circle Trim Tote Bag – Topshop £42.00

I’m sure you’re all dying to know what’s in it, so here goes nothing…

Often referred to as a tardis or Mary Poppins bag, my bag holds everything and anything but I’ve been trying to control my urge to carry everything but the kitchen sink in it.

This is the entire contents of my handbag, honestly it is 🙂


The Essentials


My purse is from Barsiti, which was a gift from my sister. The sunglasses are my key purchase of the year, after my handbag and they are from New Look. For those super sunny days (when we get them…), these have been an absolute lifesaver and style statement too.

Handy to Have


Nobody ever likes crusty ashy hands so I have a couple of items to help me when I’m on the go. I use Body Shop products, not only because I’m addicted to that place, but because they are amazing quality. I’ve recently fallen in love with their Strawberry Hand gel and Hand Cream. It smells amazingly delectable! My other favourites are the Wild Argan Oil and Coconut hand creams which might I add are also AMAZING!

Lips So Luscious


You always need something to keep your lips looking luscious and moisturised too. I always try and have something neutral as well as something to switch it up a bit when I have to look a little bit more polished. I use the Nivea lip balm just to moisturise my lips and to generally avoid chapped lips. I also have a lip gloss from Rimmel Apocalips range and a Nyx Liquid Lingerie in the shade Beauty Mark too.  I shall be reviewing this very soon for you all.

So Fresh and So Clean


Hand wipes, who doesn’t need these?? Definitely useful item to keep in your handbag! I have no preference when it comes to these, but I picked some M&S ones a couple of weeks ago and they seem to be worth the money. You’ll find that you won’t need these too often, but you won’t regret buying them!

Deodorant, because it pays to stay fresh especially in the warmer weather we have been having recently. My personal favourite is Mitchum which I use in the morning, however during the day and for my bag I just use the Sure Motion Sense, especially as it is NO White Marks!

Along with these, I have some Kleenex face tissues for when you need a-tissue ( a play on words for a sneeze)… I’m full of jokes today lol… Aside from this I also have my hair brush too, for those all important moments when my tresses fall out of place.


I normally try and keep a little pocket mirror in my bag for when I have to touch up my makeup or lip products. This has been replaced by my internal phone camera off late, however it comes in handy when my batter is low. This one I have is from Kimmidoll, and I bought my sister one too so we could match; different colours of course!

I always try and keep a fragrance in my bag and rather than lugging around my larger bottles, I have found the miniatures definitely come in handy. Most perfume brands now have a miniatures collection or their rollerball, which will save your shoulders! The one I have here is the Estee Lauder Sensous, which I got as part of their miniatures set.

And lastly my keys, I am constantly losing these hence the need for several key holders just so I don’t lose sight of them in my bag or anywhere else for that matter.


Lastly, I always like to have something to write on and with, so I have my trusted thoughts and ideas book in my bag. Whenever I feel the need to write or am inspired to note something down I always have this with me. I normally go for a walk and this book is usually with me for when an idea strikes me.

The only thing that I have not included in here is my mobile phone and headphones too, which are normally on me but will occasionally have to be put in my bag when I have to. Teamed with these two items is a blue battery power back too, for when my lifeline (phone) needs a power boost.

This post should really be called, how to pack a Tardis, but I have grown leaps and bounds and there are fewer items in my bag than there used to be. So now you know, what I really carry in my bag… So have I missed anything out, is there something I need to add? Let me know in the comments section below.


See you all tomorrow!!

Stay Blushing!!!




2 thoughts on “Beauty: What’s in my Handbag?

  1. I love your bag!! It looks so big and so spacious. I understand why you want to fill it. I have the exact same problem!
    Your bag is still organised and all so well done you 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much Hun! It’s been a task to get it to this stage. Glad you fell in love with the bag too. It’s still in stores now too. Only thing is it doesn’t have a zip to close it though. Thanks for checking out my post 😊❤️xx


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