BGB :Muhammad Ali: The Greatest

So many of you would have known about Muhammad Ali and yet you may not have had any interest whatsoever in boxing. That’s the impact he had on people, he was someone who transcended the confines of his sporting field and became a larger than life personality.

Muhammad Ali was more than just a talented fighter, he was a true role model for all of us. He made a stand for so many other causes, other than defending his boxing titles. There will be so many articles on the internet telling you who he was and what he did.

I just wanted to take this moment to commemorate one of my biggest heroes. Growing up, he became one of the people I used to quote. He was someone who taught me self-belief, perserverance, confidence and strenght. He taught me that if you wanted to see something become a reality, you had to go out there and do it.

He was fearlessly passionate about his own beliefs and values, something which is not always common nowadays. He fought against injustice and did not pay much attention to public opinion even against increasing opposition.

“In 1967 he refused to serve in the Vietnam war and for that a court sentenced Ali to five years in prison. He was stripped of his boxing titles. Though he did not end up going to jail, following the US Supreme Court unanimously overturning his conviction in 1971, he was banned from fighting for three and a half years. “


To pay homage to such a great man, I just wanted to share with you my favourite quotes, from the most quick-witted man that ever lived;

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I could be here for hours trying find more quotes, but clearly he spoke of so many things all of which will be set to inspire generations now and so many more in the future. This is how I will remember him, but I will leave you with his own words from his biography..


I think you he was all of the above and so much more.

The world lost an incredible man over the weekend, a social activist, a leader and its GREATEST.

Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali.


Thank you for your service to the world.



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