Day 5: Scenic Sundays…

The weather was my biggest inspiration today… It was absolutely glorious, so I spent took a walk in my little picturesque town after church to take in the scenery. Something about sunshine that gives you a great appreciation for your environment. You start looking at things with greater detail too.

I spent my day feeding ducks  and walking the dogs, which turned out to be quite interesting as a whole flock of birds descended upon us… This was rather interesting..

After the bird incident we took a stroll by the canal to soak up the sun and watch the boats come in.

Sundays are normally church days for me so I tend to dress up a little bit more than usual. With my Day 5 Challenge being an Outfit of the Day post, I had to think of something a little bit more dramatic.

As the weather is bright and breezy today I thought I’d add some colour to my outfit today. So I paired a midi length full A line skirt, a classic cut with a bright crop top I picked up recently. The skirt brought all the drama and had me wishing I could keep spinning around… which wasn’t for too long as I was feeling a little dizzy thereafter. The pains I endure for my creative content:)

Anyway here are my outfit details and a few photos too, if you’re inspired to grab something similar to recreate this outfit.

My Outfit Details:

 Skirt – Closet, Top – Pretty Little Thing, Heels – Florence & Fred  Necklace – Primark Watch- Michael Kors, Belt – New Look, Earrings – Primark, Sunglasses – New Look


Photo credit has to go to my lovely brother who persevered through it ; heat , high pollen count and all.

I’d love to hear your feedback, so please let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Stay Blushing!




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