Day 4: The importance of steering…

So it’s Day 4 and I’m gaining momentum everyone🙈🙈🙈 I have to say finding a good childhood story was a bit of a task and a half for me. I had to pick something that was mildly amusing and still allow me to retain my dignity all in one. So you can understand how insanely difficult this has been for me 🙂

So here’s the best one I could come up with…

When I was a wee little child, I’d say about 8 or 9 I had a desperate need to try things and and when I failed it was a always a huge deal for me.

I remember the day my Dad fixed my sister’s old bicycle and allowed us to play with it. Understandably, I was itching to test it out, but unfortunately I did not know how to ride a bicycle at all. This was as you’d imagine incredibly frustrating for me.

My Dad could see how annoying this was for me as everyone else knew how to. So he took it upon himself to teach me and spent the majority of his lunch time trying to help me get the hang of it.This bicycle was a little too big for me and didn’t have training wheels.


I persevered with it, even after he had left and got my older siblings to help me keep my balance, but alas they soon got tired of me leaning on them and not long after retired back in the house.

So I tried really hard on my own for what were hours but seemed liked days and all of that afternoon I struggled to get my balance right. It was an ordeal and a half, but in hindsight a necessary one. Pretty late in the day and super exhausted I finally got the hang of it, well at least I thought I had.

I went to grab my big brother from the house to show him how much progress I had made. He was also keen to see how I was doing, so he came along with me. He has always been very supportive of me. So I grabbed the bike where I had left it, jumped on and asked him to help me get my balance first and to let go when I told him to.

He kindly obliged and we were off in no time, I felt my confidence soaring and I thought I was ready so I shouted out, Let Go, Let GO!!! I think I can do it!

With that my brother let go of the bike, I had a wobbly start and it seemed like I wasn’t going to make it…. But I told you that my name means persevere right…so I hung desperately on to the bike and managed to not topple over. Once I had retained my balance I realised I was getting the hang of this, I had a steady pace going and I was actually riding a bicycle.  There was me in a whole afternoon, finally riding a bike!, Oh what a joy!! I shouted out to my brother, Look I’m riding it! I can ride a bike, I did it, I did it!

In my little head, success was mine and I had leapt to grab it. Hard fought but won all the same. I had been so focused on the pedals, looking down and asking my brother to celebrate my success that I wasn’t looking where I was going. I hadn’t realised that my brother was trying to warn me that I needed to keep an eye on where I was going. He was too far to try and save me from what was about to happen. By the time I realised this, it was too late.

You see I was not paying attention at all, and was now seconds within impact.  BAM!, I rammed straight into the big OAK tree in the middle of our garden. The impact of it all meant I was flung off the bicycle and went flat onto the ground.


My brother came running up to check up on me and all I could remember saying was I did it! I also was very concerned about the bicycle too and whether it would be ok.

He smiled and helped me up. I was battered and bruised and took me back in the house to get checked over. The bicycle survived the collision. My Mum was not very impressed when she found this out and helped patch up my bruises and asked me to rest as she was concerned I’d hurt myself.

My Dad arrived soon after work and heard about my little accident. All he wanted to hear was how I had conquered my battle with the bicycle that afternoon and I was all smiles as I told him about how I had learnt to ride a bike that day 🙂

It took me a couple of days to recover and I was back on that contraption, but I was a lot more careful and definitely with that my skills improved.

So there you go guys, this is the story about how I learnt to ride a bicycle and understood the importance of steering and looking forward when doing so.

See you all tomorrow!!

Stay Blushing!!!




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