BGB: What’s in a name? 

Happy Friday to my beautiful blog community!

So much to write and so little time….

I’m on Day 3 of my challenge and things are looking up! My post for the day is to explain the meaning behind my blog name.

Shakespeare’s Juliet couldn’t have said it better…:

“What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose.

By any other name would smell as sweet.”
Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

So let me explain….

As most of you will know, I began this quirky named blog in April, a vision I’d been trying to map out and really hone in since the beginning of the year. My labour of love, wasn’t just about make-up, hair and style… It is about so much more than that..

Black Girls Blush is a celebration of authentic individuality. A platform to applaud SELF without the fear of having to dumb down or devalue oneself in an effort to become more palatable to society….

A lot of words, but at its core, it celebrates YOU! The YOU, you are secretly hiding, but desperately wishing you could UNLEASH!
3 things I am and definitely want to celebrate are namely; Being BLACK, Being FEMALE & Being an INDIVIDUAL. With that tri-factor in mind… I was inspired to find a name that encapsulated all 3 elements.

I found a way of illustrating all of those ideas in one. It took me some time to get to a name, and Black Girls Blush fit perfectly into my vision. It also took a common misconception about something like blushing and I guess correlated with my idea,  To be outside the box!

Black – that was self-explanatory

Girls – to celebrate being female

Blush – to be boldly  individual

All in all I wanted to be able to celebrate who I AM with you and hopefully inspire others to do the same thing along the way.

So this is what my blog name means. I hope this adds meaning to when I always put Stay Blushing! At the end of all my posts.

I guess this is also about me finding myself in many ways. That person is the one who is desperate to speak, but often too shy and timid to voice an opinion.

So I took on writing, something I love, but speak very little of; especially to those who don’t really know me. So this is my vision and welcome to my blog 😊😊

This is really ME, BLUSHING BRAVELY! I hope you too will feel inspired to do the same and celebrate YOU today.

Stay Blushing!



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