Day 2: 20 Facts about Me!

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be doing a 30 Day Blogging Challenge. So for the next 30days you will hopefully be able to get to know me a bit better. Day 2 means I have to share 20 interesting facts about ME.

See this is one of those posts I’m going to struggle with, but I plan on persevering through it!. It’s always difficult to try and find something interesting enough to mention.

Here goes nothing…

  1. My name is Michelle….but I guess you already knew that! I also go mostly by SHINGAI and to my friends and family I am Shingi!. Shingai is a Zimbabwean name as I am originally from Zimbabwe! It’s a country in Southern Africa. Here’s a map to show where it is.
  2. My name means to be brave, courageous and more importantly to PERSEVERE! So far I have lived up to my name in most aspects of my life. Guess my parents knew I’d need it or something 🙂
  3. I love MUSIC ! I listen to all kinds of music too. From pop, r’n’b, reggae, soul, hip hop, blues, jazz, some indie bands too. My favourite music to dance to though is Afrobeats! Something about African rhythm that gets people on the dance floor no matter what! My ITunes Library is  not only huge but a pick’n’mix too!
  4. My favourite female artist is Beyonce. Yes I am a proud member of the BEYHIVE
  5. I’m a feminist at heart!
  6. I hate social injustice and always like to do my bit where I can to change things
  7. I love the creative arts especially musical theatre and plays. My favourite shows so far is Lion King,  Dirty Dancing, Blood Brothers & Bad Girls the Musical.
  8. I always wanted to be a writer when I was a child.
  9. My favourite writers are William Shakespeare, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Audre Lorde, William Grover,Susan Jeffers…. the list is endless
  10. I am really petrified of heights, but saying that I did a bungee jump last year! Sadly I am still scared even after all of that debacle.
  11. I dream of owning my very own Pomeranian one day… pretty much similar to Jiff! I am yet to choose a name for him or her. One day, guys… One day …
Thats’s Jiff !

12. My favourite TV shows are Scandal, Suits, Arrow, Limitless, Jane the Virgin, The Good Wife, Quantico… the list is endless!

13. I love my family and friends deeply, way more than they actually realise ! I am the 4th out of 5 children in my family. So I’m not really a middle child. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

14. I’m a very quiet and private person, so me doing this blog was a huge deal. I even hid it from a lot of people at the beginning,but eventually the secret got out and I had to OWN IT!

15. I am always scared of doing things wrong, but I’m learning to not be too hard on myself! It’s a bit of a journey for me, but I’m getting there.

16. I sing and I write music, who knows you’ll be the first to sample my music soon…

17. I am a freelance makeup artist so I’m always looking for new ideas and get inspiration from everyone. I’m always looking for new products and hence my hands are normally full of swatches.


 18. I would love to travel the world one day, in 80 days maybe?

19. My favourite colours are black and white.

20. I love people who are passionate about progression and super supportive. If you tell me you want to achieve something, I will be on board 100%!

See you all tomorrow!!

Stay Blushing!!!



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