Style Staples: The Statement Necklace

Doesn’t matter what season you’re in there is always a need to dress up!

I find that over the years, I have a very simple and classic style and my way of dressing things up and taking it to the next level is through jewellery.

For a girl who loves wearing longer hairstyles, and having voluptuous curls, the best way to showcase my style is undoubtedly through necklaces.

I have always been a fan of the STATEMENT NECKLACE.

You can go from just wearing a t-shirt jeans which is very casual to a completely different level of chic and cool, just by adding that one piece of jewellery.

Admittedly, the addition of a blazer and some minimalist heels would add that extra icing on top of your style cake!

That being that, there is a definite need for statement necklaces in every girls wardrobe. It is my style staple and an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY!

The key to rocking this look is too keep everything else simple and subtle and really WOW the crowds with your key Statement Necklace.

I thought it best to show you some pieces from my personal collection:


have always been a fan of Freedom at Topshop, there are so many cool and funky pieces which you can get at an absolute steal! I popped into Topshop over the weekend and I purchased these items:

However you choose to wear it, I have  some key pieces for your inspiration. If you are out and about in the shops this weekend, here are my personal favourites that are definitely worth picking up:

Key Trends:


Art Deco style Jewellery

Triangle Necklace – New Look – £5.99

Spiked Jewellery:MultiColoured Spike Necklace

M&S Assorted Stick Necklace – £15.00Spike Wrap Collar Necklace - Topshop

Spike Wrap Collar Necklace – Topshop £10.00

Turqoise Spike Necklace.jpeg

Turquoise Spiked Necklace – H & M -£9.99

Fan Style Jewellery:

Fan Necklace - Marks and Spencer.jpeg

Graphic Fan Necklace – Marks & Spencer – £19.50

Moroccan Fan Necklace - M & S.jpeg

Moroccan Fan Necklace – Marks & Spencer – £19.50

Rope/Cord Jewellery:

Black Shell Panel Rope Necklace – New Look -£9.99

Rope Knot Necklace

Rope Knot Necklace – Topshop -£10.00

Cord & Circle Drop Necklace

Cord And Circle Drop Necklace – Topshop – £6.00

Single Metal Jewellery:

Silver Geo Cut Out Torque Necklace – New Look – £5.99

Silver Loop Necklace.jpeg

Loop Metal Necklace – Marks & Spencer – £15.00

Bling Stone Torque Necklace

Bling Stone Torque Necklace – Marks & Spencer – £19.50

Very similar to the mix metal one in my own personal collection 🙂

Floral Jewellery:

Flower Necklace

Resin Floral Necklace – Marks & Spencer – £25.00

Tassel Jewellery:

Tassel Necklace

Long Tassel Necklace – H & M – £9.99

Choker Style:

Black Flower Drop Choker Necklace – New Look – £3.99

Beaded Jewellery:

Blue and Brown Stripe Beaded Necklace – New Look – £7.99

Bib Jewellery:

Cream Shell Beaded Bib Necklace – New Look – £17.99

So what are your favourite pieces and recommendations for me to try out?

Please let me know in the comment section below 🙂

Stay Blushing!!!




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