Food Files: Green Goodness

So I’ve been working on my eating habits and making a very desperate effort to improve my diet over the past few weeks. As a bit of a workaholic, what happens is more often than not I end up skipping a meal and not really getting all of my key nutrients. An excellent way of achieving this, is by making a smoothie. There are several smoothie recipes out there and there is most certainly something for everyone out there. I thought I would share with you one of my personal favourite recipes.

Here’s what you will need:


1 banana

4 cups of Spinach

Vanilla Yoghurt

Honey* (optional)

A smoothie maker


Place 4 cups of spinach into a blender or smoothie maker.

Pour yoghurt over the spinach.

Slice the banana and put that into the smoothie makerr, too.

Blend for about 1-2 minutes. If the mixture seems too thick to blend, add water accordingly!

The honey is optional, but if you have a sweet tooth add a bit of honey to your desire as a last step and blend further to mix.

Smoothie Makers:

There are several smoothie makers and blenders on the market all of varying quality and price. If you are going to be committed to smoothie making then you may find it beneficial to really spend a bit more on your machine. You will always have to pay a bit more for quality, but as far a smoothie makers go, the NutriBullet or NutriNinja are the cream of the crop in this field.


This is currently available at Argos for just £69.99. Click here

The Nutri Ninja comes in different designs and is also an industry leader and I have several friends who use it and can honestly say they are worth it.


The Nutri Ninja starts from £45.69 for the lowest in their range. Available at Argos, click here.

What I loved about the Nutribullet and the NutriNinja is the handy containers and how they were dual use. You could blend your smoothie and then carry it out and it makes cleaning up so much easier. There isn’t too much hassle and fuss. The speed and rate at which these two machines work is considerably better than most and you have a really clean and smooth consistency to your soups and smoothies.

The smoothie maker I currently use is the Kenwood Smoothie2go Maker which I purchase from Robert Dyas last year. It’s inexpensive and works a charm. You do need to make sure you cut your fruits into manageable chunks to avoid overworking the machine, aside from this, I have no other real bug bears with this machine.It has and is serving me very well. In an ideal world I would purchase the other two, but I see no reason to change it until my tried and trusted Kenwood decides to malfunction. I found it at a slight cheaper price at Argos for only £17.49.


Available at Argos for £17.49. Click here.

There you go, a simple way to introduce your key vitamins into your diet without thinking about it! I have plenty of recipes so please stay tuned. Just thought I’d start you off with the more simple ones first. Lots of people always over complicate smoothie making and are always worried they are doing it wrong. But hopefully this will help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle and boost your smoothie making confidence too.

Stay Blending & Blushing!!!







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