BGB: Are you in Championship Mode?

Sometimes life does get difficult, sometimes you never really see a light at the end of the tunnel. We all get moments like these and it takes someone mentioning something or talking to you. For me it was quotes and self-help books, but in my search for motivational content online, I came across Trent Shelton. I didn’t know him as that to start off with, he was just the guy that did Rehabtime. The man who spoke so passionately about life and dealt with some of the real issues that we all face from a day-to-day basis.


A huge part of my drive and hunger to succeed this year has been about Championship Mode! Seriously being committed to winning in all things life and  as Trent always says, It all starts with you! This year, ‘ I choose to be GREAT’ and I wanted to be GREAT. I started with my health & weight and began working on filtering that through all other aspects of my life…. Another extension of that was my WRITING and the birth of this blog. So all of this has been in the making… My life and vision demanded a long overdue overhaul and with that came an intense degree of urgency to fulfil it.

Last year, he visited the United Kingdom, but I sadly wasn’t able to make it to one of these events. This year was completely different. I guess it was right time right place, maybe? I may not have written about this on my blog, but at the beginning of May, I fell quite ill and had to take some time off work… my first sick days in almost four years. It was quite monumental for me… but as I lay in my bed and looked through social media feeling sorry for myself, I saw the event posted up and knew that I had to make it his London event.


Trent’s talk on Saturday was both REAL and RAW and touched on a lot of things. One of the most poignant things he mentioned was his need to make sure we left the room empowered. That is exactly what you got from this.


It was about being open and honest with yourself about what themes in your life you needed to change. It allowed me to take an introspective look into the way I was doing things and really addressing the changes that needed to be made and the barriers that were hindering me from achieving real change.

He touched on several crucial themes:

Listing your Championships

Finding Closure

Knowing Your Circle

Conquering your struggle

Facing Fears

Protecting Your Peace

Knowing Your Worth

Staying Loyal to your Vision

Between each segment Trent would ask us to reflect on what he had spoken about and ask us to note down what things we needed to address or what it was we really wanted and had to begin doing to impact the change we want for our lives. I guess in many ways this will help document the beginning of your journey and ultimately be a landmark moment for your transformation.


Attending the Championship Mode event was extremely worthwhile and beneficial for me. As I was queuing up in VIP, I got approached by someone else who’d also come to the event alone. There was me thinking I’d be a loner, but this lovely lady who I met made the whole experience that much better. After the event, she invited me for a coffee and we had a really fantastic chat about our vision and ideas going forward. Being able to chat about your vision with someone who is just as passionate and driven to making real change is really empowering and was definitely one of the major highlights for my day.

This will sound silly writing or even saying, but I feel like I learnt more about life in one day than I have been my whole entire existence. It’s CRAZY. That is the most important thing I took from today, not only during the event itself. It’s certainly opened my eyes into how much the impossibilities we often impose on ourselves can be very restrictive and how much they truly are mostly within our mind. The biggest theme for me is living beyond the mindset of my own perceived limitations and really applying myself in my vision for the future.

If you had told me a while back that I could go to an event by myself I would have hesitated and forgone going to it or  worse still I would show up and stay in the corner all by myself. So not only did I set new STANDARDS for myself today, I also made a new friend who is just as driven and passionate about progression .

It’s not often in life that you meet the people who helped inspire the vision  you have for your life. Getting to meet Trent and hear him speak, wasn’t about the photo opportunity, Snapchat story or hashtag, it was a wholly positive experience. He was just as passionate about delivering the message as he is in his videos. He made an effort to make sure he met and saw everybody and answered questions long after the show was done.

The most amazing part of this is although this was a ticketed event, Trent allowed you to bring 3 people with you for FREE. This speaks volumes of how much this truly is about impacting change within all of our lives and receiving the message and really initiating our CHAMPIONSHIP MODE.

Meeting Trent Shelton at Logan Hall


A humble man with a very honest and POWERFUL message to deliver.

I encourage anyone else to attend Trent’s Championship Mode event too. It’s definitely thought-provoking and for me has been life changing. All in all if you get the opportunity to hear him speak, Seize it! He does have a course, videos and several books available too, so there are ways to really take on the message.

I was inspired today and I felt compelled to pass on the message to all of you reading this too. If you’d like to know more about Trent Shelton, please check out his social media

Website: or

Instagram: @trentshelton

Twitter: @trentshelton


Snapchat: rehabtime

Here’s to MAKING IT HAPPEN and truly being GREAT, from here on out 🙂

Stay Blushing!!!




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