Beauty: Luxe Lips

Last month I introduced you to Avon, and following some raving reviews  and your lovely feedback on their products, I am simply hooked. If there is one way of making a statement with your makeup it is definitely going to be with your lips! That happens to be my favourite part of my makeup routine. Honestly, it makes the world of a difference and definitely takes you from 0 to 100, real QUICK!

This month’s Avon purchase as you can already tell was some lip products. I chose something from their clearance section as I really wanted to try something new. Although I am normally a fan of the matte lip, I thought I would try something different. I was initially drawn to the packaging itself as it does look very much like a luxury brand. An aptly named lip product, LUXE. You can tell where they were going with this right 🙂


I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about the products, so here we go…

The lipsticks come in a variety of shades ranging from nudes, pinks and vibrant reds. I chose three of my most favourite colours; Perfect Nude, Stylish Coral and Designer Red.


Perfect Nude is as it says on the tin. A nude coloured satin finish lip stick with iridescent particles. It gives you a touch of shimmer for those more subtle make-up days but also an understated sophistication. For my deeper skin toned ladies, this one will definitely have to be pair with a brown lip liner.


Stylish Coral is a beautiful coral shade lip stick. A more fun colour which can be still be worn for work or play. Definitely one to keep in your lipstick collection. This too is a satin finish colour with some shimmer to it too. I would also pair this with a brown lip liner for deeper skin tones.

Stylish Coral



Designer Red is my most favourite colour in this collection!! A superbly vibrant and vivacious red colour. A key colour in your lipstick arsenal regardless of what season. A bold colour for those power meetings or thrilling nights out.

Designer Red

img_7109-1All in all Avon has proved to continually deliver on their products. These lipsticks are moisturising and the packaging is certainly flawless.

Perfect Nude: Stylish Coral: Designer Red

Eyes will dart towards it the minute you take this out of your bag. More importantly, they will be on you when you’re wearing it too. The Luxe Collection is a good find for an amazing price. I got these for only £3.50 each and they should still be available on back order from your local Avon representative. An absolute bargain from one very pleased ME.

What other amazing products you’ve found from Avon? They say that sharing is caring right. Let me know in the comment section below.

Stay Blushing!!!






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