Style Staples: It’s a Wrap!

A key fashion piece for every season be it summer, autumn, winter or spring is the SCARF. Chiffon, Silk, Satin, you name in it, they come in all materials, designs and colours. Regardless of the weather, there are boundless ways in which to wear the scarf and with each tweak it takes your style files to a different dimension.

2014-07-26 19.35.40

I for one and am well known for this particular article of clothing and am a proud owner of a very large collection of scarves. It has taken me a considerable length of time to amass this collection and there has been many a cull along the way, but my love for scarves has not diminished, but grown from strength to strength.


In recent years, I have taken to using my scarves and wearing them as head wraps. This is one of the most chicest ways of adding colour to your outfit but also a great protective style for my natural ladies out there.

There are a number of ways to tie a head wrap, some more complicated than others. This is my simple and effective way of doing it.

I normally carry out the following steps:


Step 1: All about the bun!

Start off by tying your hair in a high bun, as the knot is going to be sat on top of my head I normally tie this has high as possible in order to create an even shape at the back of my head.

You can opt to wear your up or down with this look. It’s entirely up to you!

Either way you will steal the show #nojudgement!

untitled-123-untitled shoot

Step 2: Equal Lengths

Hair neatly tucked away in your bun, take your lovely scarf and lay this flat on the back of your neck line.Tilting your head forward, ensure that the scarf is evenly distributed and you have equal lengths of fabric in each hand.

Step 3: Twist & Shout!

Now twist the two pieces of scarf fabric making sure that the wrap around the parameter of your head is firmly in place and all your hair is within the scarf wrap itself and none of it is peaking through. This step is all dependent on whether you are wearing your hair up or down. If it’s up, then no hair should peak through, if it’s down, then you can do either or. This means, fold the scarf so the top of your head is visible or completely cover this and have only the lower part of your hair showing. Twist this tightly until you get to the end of the fabric.img_4980

Step 4: Coily Coils

Now the next trick is to coil the twisted fabric into a knot. To do this, you will need to form a base and wrap the twist around itself until the end. The remaining ends should be firmly tucked underneath the coil to secure it and you should be all good to go.

Step 5: Statement Accessories

These are just the finishing touches… You can always add a few bits to make this statement head gear pop. You can do this by adding a statement necklaces or earrings to add an extra bit of chic to your outfit. In addition I always add a bold lip colour to add extra dimension and that hint of sophistication too.

So you’ve casually gone from a t-shirt and jeans look to, to chicness with just one colourful wardrobe staple.

It’s a wrap!

Whether it is around your neck or on your head a scarf is a definite must have!

So have you attempted wearing a headscarf, or head-wrap? What are your go to scarf styles?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Stay Blushing!



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