Ravishing Rose : All Fired Up

You might be thinking that I’ve stupidly spelt this wrong, but I am in my right mind and yes, it is avant-garde… but it’s just the sheer excitement that comes with some ground breaking products that Avon have just launched.

Everyone knows someone that sells Avon products, but weirdly some of us opt for the high street or high end brands online. Maybe it is the convenience that comes with being able to grab your product and not have to wait for it to be delivered. Here’s thing, I have come across some incredibly AMAZING products that will definitely be worth the wait.

I perused their catalogue before their launch and these are the awesome products that I found and have simply fallen in love with. Don’t you worry ladies, these will definitely be for every one of us to enjoy regardless of what skin tone you are.


I for one have always been a fan of the matte lip, there’s always a degree of sophistication that comes with a rich red or deep burgundy matte lip colour especially in the autumn winter season. Well Avon’s answer to this is their Perfectly Matte Lipstick collection.

Unsure of what to make of it, I ordered the mini testers when the first book was out and I am in love. Safe to say the launch of their new book in February, had me wanting to order most of the products (and shamefully considering forgoing a few bills too… I joke!!) Thankfully I resisted those urges and stayed clear of temptation. I just ordered the three to begin with….I initially purchased three shades ; namely, Wild Cherry, Superb Wine & Ravishing Rose. All three very beautiful colours for deeper skin tones.

The lipsticks come in very classic sleek black packaging as seen below.


Superb Wine: Ravishing Rose: Wild Cherry


The lip colours boast a “100% MATTE look” for a sculpted , defined lip and “NO DRYING” “NO CRACKING” “NO CAKING” and most importantly “GUARANTEED COMFORT”.

I have been wearing WILD CHERRY today and I can safely say that all of the above are UNBELIEVABLY TRUE!!!! In addition to all of the above, I have had a huge amount of compliments as well. There is a wide range of colours from reds, pinks and nudes as well, which gives you plenty to pick from and an opportunity to try out some new colours.

How does it fair against the competition?

My personal matte lipstick favourites and all time go-to brand has always been M.A.C. With their lipsticks costing £15.50, Avon’s Perfectly Matte Lipsticks are a jaw dropping £5.00… It’s an absolute NO BRAINER here, ladies.

Ravishing Rose: All Fired Up

Mac’s All Fired Up vs Avon’s Ravishing Rose. Not the most perfect dupe, but still a definite contender for a bright hot pinky red this summer.

IMG_4626 (1).JPG
Superb Wine: Diva: Wild Cherry
Superb Wine: Diva: Wild Cherry

As you can see Avon’s Superb Wine and Wild Cherry  make excellent dupes for Mac Diva (matte finish) lipstick.

Having worn these colours for the past couple of weeks, I have definitely got to say they are worth every penny and they have me reconsidering my MAC lipstick obsessions. They are very pigmented,silky smooth dries matte, long lasting, moisturising and all at an insanely affordable price.

Please check out the other colours within Avon’s Matte Lipstick range on their website, by clicking here

Stay blushing!



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