BGB: Out of Africa

So I recently attended the Out of Africa Ball in November, a fundraising event for the Creating Better Futures charity. Creating Better Futures are a Christian-led charity, based in Reading, devoted to helping children and their guardians in the Domboshowa and Mutare regions of Zimbabwe. The charity’s mission is to empower orphans and vulnerable children in Africa through access to education, enabling them to lift themselves … Continue reading BGB: Out of Africa

Beauty: Amby Rose Cosmetics

Anyone who loves makeup and wants it to look good, will definitely understand the importance of a good brush and how vital it is in making your makeup look flawless. The quest for a good brush is always a labour of love, but fear not, for I have found the ultimate solution from Amby Rose Cosmetics. Amby Rose Cosmetics is a black-owned makeup brand founded … Continue reading Beauty: Amby Rose Cosmetics

BGB: Out and About at BeautyCon

I’ve been trying to have a go at #livingmybestlife and took the opportunity to venture out to experience the wonder that is BeautyCon a few weekends ago. I had never been, but revelled at the opportunity of trying something new. Going alone was never going to be an option for me, so I was glad I had an awesome companion, Lissa from TheLissaWay to help … Continue reading BGB: Out and About at BeautyCon

Beauty: Polynesian Paradise

Happy Thursday!! Hope you are all having a brilliant week so far… If not, here’s a mini mid-week treat for you. Every black girl I know is always searching for the answers to all their beauty problems, a perfect foundation. As part of my foundation series, I am on a quest to find the ideal product that provides good coverage without clogging up your pores, … Continue reading Beauty: Polynesian Paradise

Blush: Black is Beautiful in Every Shade

Hi Everyone, A couple of days ago I came across a speech by Lupita N’yongo on Facebook.It was so true, touching  and struck a chord with me, that I was compelled to talk about this on my blog. Lupita touched on the subject of growing up as a dark-skinned African woman and the struggle to find self acceptance and the acceptance of people within her community, … Continue reading Blush: Black is Beautiful in Every Shade

Lifestyle: Serene Sundays…

The pressures of being a woman in the modern world are enormous. You are expected to be anything and everything to everyone. With a career, family and friendships to juggle… it’s always difficult to try and find time in between everything to be yourself. So every now and then, it is always good to relax and pamper yourself.  Reconnect with who you are and work … Continue reading Lifestyle: Serene Sundays…